I am losing weight in a healthy and inexpensive way

Beans, lentil, soy or chick pea are healthy and inexpensive lunch choice.

Quality resources of nutrients are pulses and whole meal cereals which can be regularly combined for lunch, they are inexpensive, and, at the same time, very nutritious.

Our reader Olivia asked us how to lose weight with limited financial funds. Olivia is also asthmatic, so she has to be careful with her physical activity choice. We got the answer from our co author, nutritionist Nenad Bratkovich. You have to be avare that you don’t necessarily need to have substantial financial funds if you want to lose weight in a right way, but you have to be completely dedicated to your goal, be highly motivated, persistent and consistent to the end. In other words, set to have 3 main meals and 2 snacks daily, each of which implies moderate quantities of food. So, the goal is to have smaller meals, in terms of quantity, and make 2-3 hours difference between each.

Spend more, take less

Unfortunately, there is no weight loss without physical activity. Hence, there will not be favourable outcome with food supplements and diet pills if there is no energy spending. Maths, i.e. thermodynamics is very simple; spend more and take less.

Qualitiy inexpensive sources of nutrients can be pulses and whole meal cereals (beans, French beans, chicken pea, lentil, soy, oats, barley, buckwheat) which can be regularly combined for lunch. They are inexpensive and very nutritious. Take green – white – yellow tea, at least 2 cups a day (not in the evenings). Inexpensive fruit that you can eat as breakfast and/or brunch are unpeeled apples, plums, tangerines. ..

Regulate blood glucose level with brown rice

If pasta and potatoes prevail in your diet, reduce their ratio in it, and replace white rice with brown, it is fibres rich, filing and it helps regulate blood glucose level, it is beneficial for vitamin status of B – complex. Exlude white bread and dought from your diet completely. It is essential for fat loss diets. Occasionally take one rib of dark chocolate (minimum of 70% cocoa), it si a strong antioxidans, and thus is favourable for detox diets too. Breakfast should be the main meal of the day, you can make it with whole meal cereals or porridge, you can mix in sliced fresh or dried fruit and few unsweatened and unroasted nuts (almonds, hazels).

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