How to stop thinking about food?

In the moment of great desire for sweets, simply brush your teeth. You are trying to lose weight or at least eat healthier, but you simply can’t stop thinking about food, particularly the food you should not eat. We have prepared 10 tips about how to resist desire for food.

Keep diary of everyday diet, write in literally everything you eat or drink. Include the quantity of water you have drunk, because it plays a very important role in the weight loss process.

  1. We usually brush our teeth after the meal, and the last thing we should eat is something sweet (and most of people who have weight problems long for sweets), it might help if you simply brush your teeth in the moment of great desire for sweets. Try to fool the desire this way and you might succeed.
  2. We sometimes have hunger attacks, or, more precisely, food desire. However, it sometimes lasts very shortly, 10 – 15 minutes, so it is worth to wait and see. It is important to differ real hunger from plain food desire. You can satisfy hunger with fruit and vegetables, and food desire stays.
  3. Find substitute for food. The best substitute is physical activity, but also walks around the block, apartment cleaning, vacuuming and dusting can help.
  4. Replace the food with high caloric values with food of low caloric value. In doing so you will avoid sudden feeling of hunger usually followed by excess eating, most often of unhealthy and caloric food.
  5. The best tactics for fighting hunger and desire for unhealthy and tasty food is avoiding. So, if you don’t buy sweets, chips and similar things in big shopping, you won’t eat them. Fill the fridge and cupboards with healthy food, fruit and vegetables. In that case, if you reach for food in hunger attack, at least you will eat something healthy.
  6. Sometimes certain situations and people initiate our desire for certain food, by the principle of caused reflex. If that is the case, it is best for us to avoid such situations or alternate them in some ways so that they wouldn’t cause the same involuntary reaction.
  7. There is a lot of talk about emotional overindulgence. People who don’t express their emotions in the right way try to suppress and silence them with food. Unfortunately, that doesn’t function because emotions can’t be bottled and plugged, even if we succeed the bottle explodes sooner or later. It is much healthier to find the right way to express emotions and release the pressure that way, instead of increasing it by supressing our emotions and accumulating deeper problems.
  8. If you start the diet and nake a mistake, i.e. make the step back, make sure you don’t give up, but make few steps forward that very moment. People often feel sorry for themselves, give the progam up, they call themselves lost cases and they feel helpless, but that doesn’t help. Just the contrary, with that attitude there is a great possibility that you will end up on the couch with chocolate or ice cream to console yourself.
  9. For every minute you spend by the table do 2 minutes of aerobic excerise.

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