6 inventions for those who are persistently avoiding diet and excercise

In case you have eaten too much weight loss plate insults you and screams at you to stop eating through its headphones.

Glasses for losing weight

Some experts state that blue colour influences our appetite in the worst possible way, partially because it is not very common in nature and it reminds people of mould. So, some „genius“ got the idea to use this for the invention of weight loss glasses. Those are normal glasses with blue glass, and everything you see through them looks blue. In oreder to be efficient you have to wear them while you are eating because looking at food through blue glasses will weaken your appetite. But, some other research have confirmed that blue colour calms us down so they thought a person would eat more wearing blue glasses because we are more relaxed then, which one user of these glasses has ultimately confirmed.

Spray with flavour

This is a non – caloric spray with different flavours, as many as 25 of them. You use the spray in the way that you pick your favourite flavour and spray the food with it, for example pasta with spray cheese, instead of using real caloric food. This spray has even been proclaimed one of the best inventions in 2005 by the Times magazine.

Diet eating utensil

This revolutionary invention includes a fork with small traffic lights and a plate which insults you while you are eating. The fork works very simply, every 40 – 60 seconds there is a green light and then there is a red light which signals you to chew until there is a green light again. The procedure is repeated as long as you have food on your plate. The objective of the fork is to make the eater chew the food and by doing that to become satuated sooner and eat less.  Aside from the fork this utensil contains a weight loss plate which is connected to a weight monitoring sensor, which is again connected to the headphones which you have on while eating. Whenever sensor marks that you have exceeded programmed weight limit which you have determined the plate insults you through the headphones and screams at you to stop eating.

Ear piercing

This is one of the already common methods for losing weight, acupuncture. The procedure is to stick small needles into your ear lap in the place where there is an acupunctural point in charge of weight loss. The needles are then worn in the ear for some time and replaced with new ones after a while.

Toe ring

Weight loss ring is a set of two rings made from silicone plastic which are worn on feet thumbs. The trick is in a little bump placed at the bottom of the ring which makes you change the way you are walking and start stressing the muscles you normally don’t use while walking. Allegedly this is especially beneficial for the muscles of inner thighs and belly muscles. Unnatural walk you have due to this ring can negatively influence your feet and legs, but everything is easier than diet and excercise.

Pregnant woman urine

If you have tried every weight loss method there is and you are asking if there is something more you can do, well, you can try with injecting pregnancy hormone hCG from the urine. This method was lounched by Kevin Trudeau when he published the book about this subject and the man has made billions od dollars with his invention.

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